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This company started as a Facebook page dedicated to sharing toy robots, then became a blog, and now we make comics of all kinds. Our focus is still science fiction, always will be, but now our goal is to add to the multiverse of pop culture that we love so much.

Cade H. Hawkins

Head Writer/CEO

Hey there Robonauts, I’ve been writing stories since I was a child and I’ve never lost that youthful wonder in my mind. I create comics because they’re a wonderful method of storytelling, visually bringing the reader into the world. Each comic is like a film on paper that tells the story frame by frame with every action.


I’m a total Geek, raised to love Jesus and I do consider what I do an art form that I’m continually learning. You’ll get a sample of my writing every Sunday here on Planet Robot and our Facebook/Instagram with Club S.O.T.A.

Mike Sue

Social Media Manager

An attorney based in Illinois concentrating in personal injury, social security disability, criminal defense, and general practice.


An avid robot collector, particularly Japanese robots, he also has a strong interest in vintage windup toys.

Currently he is our social media manager and occasionally uploads videos of his own toy robots in action.

Ryan Logan


I am an illustrator from Pennsylvania.


I usually work with watercolor, ink, gouache and digital media. I combine them all to make a cohesive piece. It's clear that I do favor giving my pieces a traditional look.


I also focus on a lot of science fiction and fantasy work.

Together with Cade H. Hawkins we’re creating the weekly series: Club S.O.T.A. I also created both the current Planet Robot Comics logo as well as the T-Shirt design of Space Duck.


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