Meet The Not-a-Robot Home


Andee is the head of the Not-a-Robot household, he brings home the money to take care of the other three and keeps the group out of trouble generally. He makes the plans and tries very hard to blend in with the humans.


Zach has a few screws loose. That is to say, he’s a defective robot. Tho the four desperately try to fit in with the humans they’re around, Zach doesn’t operate the same.


Bech is the athletic type, but doesn’t really require any form of exercise to stay in shape. You could say it keeps his system in tune, but really he doesn’t need to do much to be the strongest of the four bros. He was just built that way.


When he’s not handling the finances of the Not-a-Robot household, he’s probably off experimenting on something or shying away from social activities. Reggie is the introvert of the four robo bros.