An Analysis of IG-11

This is a character arc analysis of IG-11 from the series called The Mandalorian. A show on Disney + that I’m sure all of you have been following. If not, please avoid this article until you do watch the final episode of season one. The new season is reportedly streaming Fall of this year.

Despite being a mechanical man, a robot (droid) can still have character and serve an important role in a film or series. IG-11 — having very little screen time — manages to do exactly that. The Mandalorian Hates droids for obvious reasons. As A child, being hunted down by them from the Empire, it seems he’s put a great deal of distrust in them. Yet, after meeting IG-11 he seemed to hit it off pretty well. He even acted as though IG-11 was the only droid that he didn’t find imidiate distrust in. He partnered up with him to capture the bounty on The Child.

But when he discovered that IG’s orders were to kill the little Yoda, he turned on him and blew his brains out. I knew he would come back. Others disagreed with me, but I had no doubt that he would return. For two reasons. 1. He’s a main character, shown on many posters for the show. 2. The actor Taika Waititi said that IG’s character arc would be very cool. An Arc usually doesn’t end immediately after introductions.

Rightfully, IG-11 came back into the picture when Mando had to face the Empire with the help of Kuiil who reprogrammed him to be a caretaker. He becomes The Child’s super-nanny and while he doesn’t immediately earn the trust of Din Djarin, he does soon reform his partnership and saves everyone with one final move. And of course it’s the same move he teases at the entire first episode. He self destructs to clear the way of storm troopers for the survival of the Child and Mando’s remaining crew. From here the feeling is both sad and victorious. Indeed the character arc was cool, IG-11 had shown himself to be the ally he could have been from the begining, now being the only one capable of saving Din’s life, and the only one capable of making such a sacrafice to save them all.

This brings me to another sad conclusion. Pretty much all of my favorite Star Wars Characters die in a selfless manner. But in the end, it was the best death in the series so far. The final episode was titled: Redemption. The only character in the series thus far that required redemption in the eyes of The Mandalorian Din was IG-11 and with a reprogrammed mind, he did not disappoint.

How did the finale sit with you personally? And are you looking forward to season 2 this fall? Until then, thanks for stopping by fellow Robo Enthusiast.

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