Andy Hill

Hey everyone, Blitz here. I’ve written a little story piece on Andy Hill today.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Why are you talking about an actual person when there are ROBOTS? ROBOTS, I SAY!!

Because like us here at Planet Robot, this guy loves robots. He’s an artist who forms beautiful robot sculptures from mere scrap metal. That is talent. Most all of the robots I have come to find in his gallery on Facebook appear professionally made. As though they were genuine vintage originals. Even with signs of wear.

His robots go a step further though, he takes what would be trash and turns it into treasure. Originally using live electronics he now scavenges for parts because he believes using working equipment goes against his mission. When I was looking around the web for a profile picture, I didn’t even realize the robot I had selected was one of his creations. It just looked that authentic to me. And apparently they do to others as well, because his robots are now in the collections of collectors all over the world.

I find it most interesting though, after reading through his bio, how he returned to his love of Retro Sci-Fi only after creating these sculptures for many years. His passion for this material being reignited over time. Realizing his ability to form these art pieces beyond what another person dictates to create.

Art that does more than sit in a museum. Art that tells a story and has a story. You can find more of his work on his website and on his Facebook Page: Electro Art Works

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