Big Guy and Rusty

Back in 1995 two men put together a small comic book run called Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot. While the comic was a bit gory, it had a fantastic patriotic hero with the goal to save the world from a creature that scientists accidentally unleashed on it. Giving a classic science fiction story with an even more classic hero. These comics were published by Dark Horse comics, written by: Frank Miller and artwork by: Geof Darrow.

Frank Miller would go on to write things such as The Dark Knight Returns, but in 1995 his creation of Big Guy and Rusty would not carry on, and instead be only a two issue mini series. Personally I’ve read the comics. Though there was a lot of gore, it still seemed to keep the warmth and heroism strong that I believe Big Guy is supposed to represent. The ultimate American soldier .

To put the history of this into perspective, it went from a large print two comic mini series to an animated series in 1999. Just before the world went on to a new decade, this comic became a cartoon. That’s the span of only four years. You could consider that a fair amount of time, but I think any animator or content creator would agree that’s a short amount of time between being a small comic to being an animated series. This series was excellent, in my own opinion, and coming in at 7.5/10 in IMDB ratings. Unfortunately, back then it ended after just two seasons. Let’s call this an introductory article. This is to bring up the memory of Big Guy and Rusty. It will be a a complete work in three more parts.

  1. The comic book. Exploring what it was and where it could have gone.

  2. The series in 1999 and all that it explored and what became of it.

  3.  The merchandise and what we remember of it.

All articles will be shared with the tag: #BG&RHistory and you should be able to spot it at the top of the page. I will come back and link the articles to this one, when I’m through. And you can bet that when we go into the series itself there will be a significant amount of character analysis. Stay tuned.

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