Bridging the gap

One of the first things I was asked when I brought in a vintage robot collector into a group that mainly housed Teenage Robot fans at the time was:

Where can I find vintage robots? Vintage Robot Collector

I suppose I should’ve seen that question coming.

Planet Robot became a community quicker than it takes uncle joey to finish grandma Juniper’s homemade pumpkin pie.

My original goal with this brand was to actually become a reseller of toy robots. That all changed once I got deeper into collecting robots of science fiction. We’re now primarily promoters of all things in robot culture, including vintage space toys and current day projects like Atomic Robo published by: IDW Comics.

And I’m now working with people to produce original projects of our very own such as: Club S.O.T.A. with original art by: Pencil Juice. Mind you all of this took place in three and a half months. I suppose this all started when I got a little bit lost… In space.

I had always been a robot fan, but my passion for robot themed content was reignited after seeing the 2018 remake of Lost in Space from Netflix. For the second time. You see, I was born in 1997, at this present time I am twenty two years old. I did not grow up with vintage space toys, I did not collect them. I barely took interest in anything from beyond my own age group. So, what got me into robots? The show My Life as a Teenage Robot by Rob Renzetti. I literally grew up watching that and it holds a lot of nostalgia for me personally. Coming back to 2018, I binged watched the Lost in Space remake and shortly afterwards I remembered how I used to love the movie they made of Lost in Space in 2005, and the movie Zathura, who’s robot used to frighten me as a child and now makes me laugh. This is a genre I somehow found myself passionate for. Vintage space is the heart of it, but there are robotic stories that exist outside of 1920-1970 . And that is why I need this brand to exist outside of time. As in, it doesn’t matter if the toy robot, or space ship, or cartoon, or live action TV show, or any other form of thing was made anywhere from 1920 all the way to present day. We’re going to talk about it, because it is all related content that we are passionate for. They all have a place hereon Planet Robot.

This is about experiences. Ones we make, have had and share. And today, near or far, or through the stars, we welcome you fellow Robo Enthusist. The Retro future’s looking bright.

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