Cyber Monday Special

Take a stroll down to the local eBay store and you’ll see we’re running a special on fakes today. Don’t believe me? Here’s a Zeroid. Or… Wait. Is that Zobor?

No my friend it is not. While Zeroids are much more expensive these days, it’s a shame, even back then, that someone with no original ideas of their own would stoop to the level of brand thieving and try to rip off the designs from another toy company as a quick cash grab.

This was done by Durham Industries.

Durham seems to be notorious for ripping off other toy robots. Of course if you read my last article, then you should know Ideal Toys isn’t far behind when it comes to quick cash grabbing. Still, it’s the principle.

If this was all about money, we here at Planet Robot wouldn’t be doing what we are today. That’s why we don’t aim to profit off of someone else. We only push the product of others’ design and try our hardest to make a contribution to the community through our writing and other entertainment creations. It bothers me that people back in these times would do this, but I also find it quite humorous to see these fakers out in the broad daylight. Think, at one time people were so cleverly creating toys that resembled another in a cheaper form and selling them to try and compete with one another is both maddening and hilarious.

A grandmother or mother could have easily got their child the wrong toy for the Christmas season just because it looked identical and it was at a bargain price.

Take a look at these. What do these instantly remind you of? Exactly what they’re supposed to remind you of. Battlin’ Robots by Durham Inc of course! No. Not even close. These obvious knock offs are practically a parody of the real Rockem Sockem Robots. The blue one even keeps his original head mold. What originality! The eBay listing claims it’s from 1984. But, this probably wasn’t their first appearance.

If you have any more information on these fakers from Durham, please don’t hesitate to contact me: I’d love to share your findings on our blog. This stuff is entertaining and unusual. It also showcases the lengths humans seem to go for dollar signs. For the laughs and the education, let’s share our historical findings together.

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