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Updated: Aug 29, 2020


Released by the toy company NECA in January 2014 and then re-released in May 2017, the ED-209 was a law enforcement droid from the cult classic and hit movie Robocop, produced by Orion Pictures in 1987.

Towering at 10 inches in height, the ED-209 from NECA requires 3x 1.5v LR44 button cell batteries, which allowed for sound effects and dialogue at the push of a button, including the line, ““Warning: throw down  your weapon. You have 15 seconds to comply.” ED-209 also has extendable fully articulated legs.

What is ED-209?

ED-209 stands for Enforcement Droid, Series 209 or ED 209 for short.  According to Fandom.com,

“The ED-209 was armed with three automatic cannons, two on the left platform, one on the right platform with an auto-shotgun and a rocket launcher capable of firing three rockets. It also had additional combat programming, enabling it to melee attack at closer ranges. Its speech center could synthesize human voices for peacekeeping matters, or animal-like sounds when injured or angry.Despite its size and power, the ED-209’s logic circuits were its weak-point. It could not process information as quickly as a human brain and could not manuever flights of stairs.ED-209 also suffered from a manual override weakness that allowed an unarmed and sufficiently skilled hacker to access its command system and take control of the droid.”

Based in the near-future, the country was flooding with drugs and criminals. In order to combat the country’s crime wave, the U.S. Attorney General purchased the 209 series from Omni Consumer Products or (OCP) to be manufactured and then deployed in five American cities, including Detroit, to serve as the city’s robotic police force and act as the city’s “peacemaker.” However, the 209 series malfunctioned and it was replaced with a cyborg model called Robocop.  Despite its replacement, the 209 series remained in service as part of OCP’s security, generally serving as guards near OCP buildings.

Do you remember the Robocop movie series? Which one was your favorite? Do you own any Robocop toys? Please share them with us.

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