Ford and ZETA’s robot delivery system

F.O.R.D. Found on road dead.

Let’s talk about Ford’s newest collaborative efforts. Don’t worry folks, that intro wasn’t a statement, just something to wet your appetite before getting into things as we do around here.

This apparently isn’t news. But Ford has been collaborating with Agility Robotics and using their self driving cars to completely autonomously deliver packages to your doorstep. It’s certainly isn’t as interesting as robots of science fiction. But it does bring to mind the series “The ZETA Project” Which I just recently revisited. In the episode titled “Resume Mission” One of the key plot points involves a boy getting deliveries from online orders. The series takes place in 2039 so a robot delivery service just works.

Oddly enough, being this is set in Batman’s world, the series technically begins in 2019. Which is quite humorous, being it’s 2019 as of this year. And we’re just now developing these self driving package delivery robot systems. Except for one minor detail. The vehicles within The Zeta Project series are still operated by humans.

Posted in May of 2019, Ford and Agility’s Digit robot will be able to communicate with the car and sense obstacles in the way. It will have the ability to climb stairs, step around things and carry packages up to forty pounds. I guess if it’s 60 or heavier they’ll just have to deal with real people.

I love the design of this robot. Blue and lanky. Seems quite capable in performing his set task of package delivery.

In the spirit of forgoing the obvious and typical around here, we won’t be discussing what is humanly right or wrong with a robot delivery service. Escpesially seeing as how Digit and the car seem to be programmed for one set task and have no other real humanity elements to them. They would be content in their job. And that is fine. However, there is one concern I must voice here. Computers can glitch and things can go wrong. Nothing is perfect.

This doesn’t mean STOP IT NOW YOU’RE A MAD MAN!! It simply means that if for whatever reason there is a disconnect from whatever communication link the robot has with the self driving car, or the car disconnects from the satellite, or some form of navigation system breaks down mid action.. Could people be hurt? A self driving vehicle I think is the biggest issue. The Ford element. A computer can’t always see something about to happen and a human can sometimes react much quicker. It’s like going to work with a supervisor. That supervisor can be there when something doesn’t go quite right. So I feel like completely removing the human element isn’t the wisest idea, but I could be wrong.

Heck, I’m sure people thought microwaves could be a freaky machine when those came out and now there’s one in almost every kitchen in America/the world. So perhaps I’m just overthinking this. Still the main reason this robot exists is so that Ford can sell their self driving cars to places like Dominoes Pizza. There would be no difference in speed of delivery. The car still has to drive and the package still needs to be dropped off. Robotically or not, it makes no difference.

Ford is planning to release this self driving robot riding system in 2021.

Let us know what you think of Ford’s plans in the comments and on our social accounts.

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