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Groizer X Space Robot

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The Groizer X Space Robot was released by Kyarakuta (Character) Lab in 2018. Although Kyarakuta may sound like a Japanese company, it is actually an Italian based toy company that manufactures its tin toy products in China.

The Groizer X Space Robot was a limited edition run of only 500 units. 225MM in height and 238G in weight, this tin robot has a wind-up mechanism like the wind-up toys of yester-year.

What is Groizer X?

Also known as Gloyzer X or Gloizer X, Grozier X was a Japanese Super Robot tv show that aired from 1976 to 1977 for 36 episodes. Grozier X was your typical Japanese Super Robot tv show for that time period. It told the tale of a giant aerial robot designed by Dr. Yan, who was captured by the Gaira aliens who were hidden in the Arctic and had grand designs to take over Earth. Eventually, Groizer X is delivered to the hands of Rita, Dr. Yan’s daughter, and pilot Joe Kaisaka, who then use the giant robot to fight the Gaira alien race from taking control of Earth.

Groizer X was 100 meters tall and weighed 1200 tons, and could transform into a jet.

Do you remember the Super Robot shows from this period of time? What was your favorite?

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