Hello! The history of Baymax

Hello – I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

Happy #WorldHelloDay from us here at Planet Robot. What better bot to talk about on Planet Robot today than Baymax from Big Hero 6? But also, where did Baymax get his start?

First we must visit the character’s beginnings to understand what he is entirely. Baymax may look a lot like a big marshmallow man now, but back in 1998 he was a synth bodyguard which could transform into a dragon man. One which you could very well compare with a gargoyle creature.

If This alone isn’t unsettling enough, the bot was originally a hydro powered science project which would act as a typical robot servant. It wasn’t until Hiro’s father died that he became more of a bodyguard. The unsettling part is that Hiro programmed Baymax with the thoughts and memories of his dead father.  The robot becomes less of a help-meet and more of a conscious life form protector.

This would be one of the best cases of Disney doing something incredible with a character. What was probably one of the cringiest and most freaky characters that I have ever witnessed (and I’m not talking about his dragon form) and making him a lovable helpful companion. Even in his humanoid form he appears as a frightening and a hulking creature. It’s hard to find the comparisons between both versions of Baymax as one appears very menacing. Knowing his character as we do today, it’s hard to believe that he was ever depicted like this:

Baymax (as far as I can tell) has always had the name: Baymax, with no clear reason in the past of any connection to real world definitions. Even through the fiction of the comics there’s nothing truly explained concerning the character’s name.

As far as his actual character goes, Baymax in the comics and in the films is very well defined. Though in the comics I would say that Baymax was creepy and frightening. There were still some connections between both of his character versions that I found interesting.

For instance, The transformations in Baymax were programmed after the death of Hiro’s father and in the Big Hero 6 movie of 2014, Baymax was given all of his combat enhancements after the supposed death of Hiro’s brother.  Baymax is given the ability of flight, just like the dragon creature in the comics. And in a sense has the spirit of his dead brother, but not in a real way, more metaphorically speaking. This connection that Baymax has with Hiro is more of a family bond because his brother had first created Baymax. Cementing their relationship as a symbiotic one as the story progresses.

This is what I’m saying: Baymax was given all of the best parts of his predecessor. And changed in all of the right ways. The Robot was creepy and sinister and could become demonic and powerful. With this updated version of him, we’re given a loving friend and then a powerful heroic helper.

So many changes happened from the short run of a comic series to the final film in 2014. And it is honestly very good that the changes were made. Hardly ever could some one say “I’m grateful they made changes to source’s cannon material”… But… I am.

Let us know what you think. Do you enjoy these changes? Are you hoping for a Big Hero 6 sequel? Would you have preferred everything had stayed the way it was? Leave a comment below, like our Facebook and check out our Patreon to give the blog your support.

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