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Robot Island! Sounds like a paradise for Robot enthusiasts like us, well it is. On Robot Island they reproduce and sell the classic toy robots straight from original Tin Toy Manufacturers

“Robot Island LLC is the largest source for tin toy robots and tin toy space ships with over 250 Tin Toy Robots to choose from.”

~Quote from

They also have space toys for sale and actual vintage robots. Imagine that! A shop entirely aimed towards fans of this space age robo culture we admire so much.

As far as their vintage robot section, they offer a small yet decent assortment of robots. One of them being a Daburiman Yonezawa Japanese R2-D2. All I can say for him is that they clearly had a much different version of the character over in Japan. But he’s a pretty affordable option. The next best price is a key chain.

I tried to reach out to Robot Island for a possible partnership with Planet Robot as a product ambassador or advertiser. But they seem to have a pretty tight schedule as of right now, so I decided to write up this promo article for them anyways.

Companies like these keep the future, the past imagined, still alive today. A wonderfully poetic thing it is. Supporting the imaginations of generations gone by.

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