The new trailer for this series called the Mandalorian has been out for a while; this show will be released firstly on the Disney+ Streaming Service (launching in nine days)… But lets talk about the android!

First of all, I just purchased the pop figure of IG-11 yesterday, this is before even knowing more about this series, But I had a hunch that I would love this droid. Before this droid, my absolute favorite droid was indeed: K-2S0 from Rogue One. And let’s face it, though controversial, The Star Wars Spin Offs have been much better than their mainstream content. This being said, I’m incredibly excited for this series. Obviously, mainly to see more of IG-11.

I wanted to know more about him too, so I immediately looked up the series. Finding the cast list on IMDB’s website and following a few other google results (I’m unashamed that I google for facts, it’s called researching), I’ve discovered a few facts about this highly detailed metallic, slender and humorously built metal man, IG-11 Through some random eBay toy listings I found him listed as an assassin. Though I also saw some toys where he was beside the Mandelorian in pictures, so there’s a good chance he’s being marketed as a main character, one that will be throughout the series.

Or at least I hope, as I discovered through the IMDB cast list that he will be voiced by the one and only Taika Waititi. That’s right, the voice of Korg from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and criminally underrated film Ragnarok.

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Though I’m sure you’ve probably noticed Disney taking advantage of their ever growing list of acting connections, I personally believe this was the perfect casting choice. Taika is well known for his dry comedic role as Korg and he’s a fantastic director as well. With him on board this project as the next droid of the Star Wars universe, I’m thrilled and looking forward to seeing how he acts in this role.

Earlier I mentioned “humorously” and one could say I was referencing Taika and his acting style, but I was actually talking about IG-11’s build. He’s kinda a funny looking bot. In a good way. I personally like to laugh at how robots are built, because in most cases its kinda like they imitating a human and having a struggle in doing so.

Take note: IG’s head is nearly cylindrical. Almost the shape of a vase with two eye holes that seem to be like binoculars. He’s lanky with much of a visible metallic structure. This isn’t the typical droid which is normally more plated like R2 or C3P0. This design truly sets him apart from the other droids. It seems even the way his head rotates he’s built to be able to get a clear view of all his terrain and targets (assuming he actually is an assassin. More to come as this series premires on Disney + Starting November 12th.

“The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.”


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