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After doing some research and being informed on various things I decided to make yet another IG-11 Article. With some new facts to present for your consumption.

What is IG-11 ? IG-11 was created as an assassin droid. Being played by Taika in apparently an innocent and naive manner. However, he looks identical to IG-88..

Dave Filoni (the series’ director) told IGN in an interview that this was to show respect to IG-88’s history in Star Wars. In order to not contradict the history of the expanded universe known as LEGENDS, they created a new character. After all, it isn’t like there couldn’t be more than one kind of assassin droid in the galaxy far far away.

This is great because now we can have an entirely new character with his own unique story arc, apparently according to Taika is: very cool. And it opens up a whole list of facts about the character because he’s heavily based off of IG-88.

IG-88 from “The Empire Strikes Back”

We can say for sure now that his body (as seen in the series’ trailer) should be heavily resistant to blaster fire, his internals should be able to withstand acid, his torso and head’s optics should be able to rotate 360 degrees. All making him a deadly killing machine that doesn’t pair nicely with his innocent demeanor. This should be a fantastic (and comedicly entertaining, no doubt) character unfolding to witness as the series progresses.

One thing that got me curious on the robot’s comparison was that I had found IG-11 Black series figures at Target and I was told that they’re exclusive to Best Buy stores. At first I thought I must’ve seen an IG-88 and thought it was IG-11. But, if my memory is correct, there were some clear differences in the models. For example: The pincer hands on IG-88 are full on hands with IG-11, one could say this is because he’s actually a newer model, coming after IG-88. And then there’s the packaging. I remember clearly that the figure in my hands at that store was indeed labeled: IG-11. NOT 88. In the Black Series packaging.

If you visit a target soon, please comment on this post or message the Facebook page. Click here to read our first IG-11 article, thank you.

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