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Our mascot (artwork provided by: Atomic Geek) is based off of one of the rarest robot toys in existence. Diamond Planet Robot.

This robot was created by Yonezewa back in 1962. It had a host of features including: Walking, swinging arm motions, a swaying dial hand in its chest as well as a small window with a tint to display a sparks. It stood at just over ten inches tall according to Robotapedia.

(Image Found via web search)

This toy is so incredibly rare that a remake of the box can go for over two hundred dollars on eBay. Almost expected, I don’t believe this actually sold. The listing simply ended.

While I find that mountain of a price tag a bit ridiculous, I also see why someone would try and take advantage of the toy’s rarity.

There’s more to the story, a reason (if you will) for its rarity. I’ve known other websites besides Robotapedia, talking about other variations of Diamond Planet Robot.

A robot such as this, which doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere online, makes me curious to know why this is.l. Yes, the product was expensive to make, yes it was expensive to sell, but it did exist and some sales had to have been made.

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The provided prototype images

To get some answers, I reached out to someone who genuinely owns one of these toys. The owner/and/or/writer of The Vintagespacetoys website. They personally claim it to possibly be the most sought after robot toy in the world. Sharing with me the following information:

“Here is a picture of the prototype of diamond planet. The robot was never taken into production. It’s also not very clear why so many never hit the market.. best guess the robot did not sell very well and was too expensive for a toy robot.. Not much more I can add, thank you. Friendly Regards” ~Marco

When asked where he acquired this image of a prototype, Marco simply said that it had been on his computer for a long time. He provided no further explanation.

It could be because the robot was so costly to produce that they scrapped the idea of the original version and changed it to be a key operated toy. And when people couldn’t afford the costly toy, they decided to do away with them altogether.

Before closing this article, I did find a more recent listing of The Diamond Planet Robot on a UK auction website. I translated the price of the listing to American currency using Google and found that it at the price of:

$22,764.27 United States Dollars

While the strange nature of this innocent robot remains a mystery, we know the main reason it’s not a commonly owned robot today and wasn’t commonly owned in the past. MONEY. It seems that’s exactly what it all comes down to. It cost too much to make back then and costs too much to own one now. This would be the equivelent of buying a two story home in North Carolina (true story). For now, till more information is disclosed on our loveable little mascot, I’ll leave you with this mysterious video link.

Keep Clanking on, My fellow Robo Enthusiasts.

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