Interview W/Eric Joyner

This time around we have a video to share with actual paintings that we discuss and go over, so there will be visuals to behold.

Please join us for Planet Robot Comic’s Exclusive Interview with Pop Culture Artist and Sci Fi Enthusiast Eric Joyner.

Eric Joyner (born c. 1960 is a contemporary American artist whose body of work has focused on robots and donuts.

In 1999, he chose to focus only on topics that he likes. He started painting with four different elements: Mexican masks, San Francisco city life, old newspaper cartoons and Japanese robots. He found that the robots were the most popular feature with his friends. He had been collecting toy robots for about 20 years and wanted to bring them to life. In 2002, he felt that he needed another element to work off of. Inspired by the film Pleasantville, in which Jeff Daniels paints donuts, Joyner added donuts. The donuts have been featured as both objects of desire and adversaries to the robots.

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