Krome Dome

Every robot is remembered for performing basic functions or actions, most walked or shot smoke out of their mouths. Very few were as odd or original as Krome Dome. Yes, on the Facebook page we have briefly talked about this robot. But, never in great detail.

Produced by the extremely well known company Yonezewa back in the 1960s, Krome Dome stood at twelve inches high, when fully extended, and featured a unique action that I’ve yet to spot in other toy robots. It could extend its torso upwards in an accordion fashion. With a head shape that could remind you of an invader from beyond the stars.

This bot was a battery powered bump-and-go robot with an opening lower jaw which would drop when the torso extended upwards. The packaging notes that it creates “Space Sounds”, this could be refering to its horrible screeching noises it makes as its jaw opens.

Its head – or dome – was indeed a chrome silver metallic (as it is most famous for) that’s notably reflective, as seen in many pictures online, mostly by a camera flash or light source within the room.

As it extends to new heights, it raises its arms and its eyes shine red to assert dominance. Either that or its trying to reach something up on a high shelf. This robot has no legs, but instead rolls wherever it goes, known as a bumb-and-go, but I could even call it a skirt robot for the fact that its base is similar to that of a skirt robot. There’s also a bright yellow used with an atomic symbol on Krome Dome’s chest.

However, the packaging wasn’t so classic in appearance. It almost appears as though the robot is held prisoner in the box and you set it free when activating it once again. Though my imagination can get the better of me, did you know that while this toy was made by Yonezewa, it was made for Mego Corp. They had originally been a compay focused on dime store toys from the year of 1955. I suppose This was a time in their company’s lifetime where they started to switch over in production to figures/dolls.

The least expensive listing I’ve ever found for this robot was at $650.00 dollars. Most of the time I see it at over one thousand. Not quite Diamond Planet Robot level, but it is enough to make the proverbial jaw drop (joke intended). And it is hard to find this robot in full working condition. The lowest I’ve found someone snag this bot up for was just over four hundred dollars. And that’s a bargain. Especially if it came practically undamged as it is known publicly that this bot is a fragile one.

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