My Life As a Teenage Robot Becoming Rebooted

It was bound to happen sooner than later. This is about My Life as a Teenage Robot. 1 Yes, I’m an actor within the fan made Rebooted series, 2. No there will not be any spoilers here. Just my take on the show’s history and pop culture influence.

My Life as a Teenage Robot was a part of my childhood. I grew up watching this show, and before getting online I had absolutely no idea just how many others were fans of this series. The show was loaded with witty humor, talented voice actors and brilliant writing and unique world of art that captivated with its entertaining hours of strangeness.

But, it only got three seasons. What happened?

Nickelodeon/Viacom happened. It’s the classic case of what’s getting more attention and what isn’t. The only thing is, Nick almost deliberately set up the series to fall out of the “most seen” category. Yet, everyone today who has seen this show in their past, loved it. So much so that a fan-madereboot project was created. And now a reanimation project.

Yet, to this very day there is not a shred of respect for the original series from Nickelodeon. Aside from perhaps sharing when it was the show’s sixteenth birthday. Many fans were indeed surprised by this. It seems that no matter how much support and loyalty the fans of this series provide, the ownership still does not care about them. This happens so many times to the greatest that television has to offer, and this is a genuine statement when I say that My Life as a Teenage Robot is one of the greatest shows of all time. And it was a brilliantly set up series.

One: A scientist is tasked with building a worldwide defense, but rather than creating a standard robot she made it a girl (most likely wishing she had a child and this is her way of having a child) And then also making her a teenager. Going through the awkward stages of life as a machine loaded with gadgets, what would make for a better series than this? There hasn’t been one to match its hilarious qualities in my own opinion. Everyone will have their own opinions on this, but I encourage you to reach out to Nickelodeon, if anywhere, Twitter.

On  Twitter, Rob Renzetti still shares factual answers to questions on his original series, and people ask him questions practically every day. There hasn’t been one that I’ve seen him ignore. And getting a like from him on a Teenage Robot related post is pretty easy. But, I think its because regardless of Nick’s neglect to the series and utter disrespect of it, there are fans of his creation and new fans are showing up as the show ages and even within this realm of obscurity. If you haven’t seen this series yet, order all seasons on Netflix right now. Do not waste another second of your time. It is worth it.

And Enjoy. Until Next time, this has been Blitz-Bot.

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