Nasa is trending

NASA got popular…

To be fair, I suppose they were always popular, it’s just that ever since I formed Planet Robot, I was surprised to discover that NASA was emerging in great popularity. Even the Snoopy in space thing became popular again. I was curious why this is.

Why were there now more than before, these NASA shirts, sweatshirts, hats and socks and even knock off vintage space products, popping up all over in our culture today?

I looked ut up and it just so happens that almost simultaneously after I formed Planet Robot was the anniversary of Apollo 11. Which makes lots of sense. Brands and properties like to take advantage of social trends.

Now, I personally love to shop. I love going online especially to shop, but I didn’t truly see many NASA related products popping up in stores until after released their own shirts and jackets in a NASA collaboration.

This isn’t another conspiracy. It is just a strange and epic coincidence that all of these things happened roughly around the same time..

Olan Rogers (owner of StarCadet) also worked with the people of TBS and NASA to use actual satellite imagery for his original show: Final Space. Not all at the same time, but prior to his company collaboration with original products. His father also used to work for NASA.

But his isn’t the only brand which was promoting and is currently promoting NASA. Peanuts is doing the same with Snoopy in Space. Back in MAY of the 1960s, NASA had launched Apollo 10 with the support of Peanuts comics. Solidifying their partnership through history. As Snoopy in Space had an Apple original show this year, got Mcdonalds toys and books, and original Childrens books. So then, basically what kicked all of this off in the first place?

Besides the obvious original Atomic Age and Space Age, well… The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. The Anniversary of Man’s achievement of visiting space and landing on the moon. This is the obvious source for the current trend being NASA as they’re practically competing with the NIKE logo and are far more deserving of the attention-in all honesty.

NASA represents the tenacity of the human race to boldly go where no man has gone before. The bravery and boldness to seek out the stars and make what the past dreamed of possible. Here at Planet Robot, what we focus of is at the heart of their drive to do this very thing.

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