NOV 22nd – Infinity Train and One-One

Back in 2016 I was captivated by a pilot that I found on YouTube. A pilot for a series called: Infinity Train. Then in 2018 through rumors, and in March of 2019 most all of the world found out it was greenlit. We eagerly awaited it’s release.

This series was unique and original compared to literally everything that Cartoon Network was doing at the time. I was excited to see what the show was going to be like (and you can read more about the series here); to see what the creator Owen Dennis designed in the final version. True to the series pilot, it kept the three main characters, Tulip, Atticus (king of the corgis) and One-One the robot that’s two robots.

Two robots? If he’s two robots, how can he be just one robot? Let me explain… One-One is a robot with two halfs of himself. Glad-One and Sad-One, both robots only ever show those specific emotions when speaking or reacting to things, but both are essential to it’s character. Separated they are capable of performing many tasks, but together they are one unit and most likely wouldn’t function properly if left detached from one another as **spoiler alert** they’re meant to be in their full form at the end of the series.

A difference I noticed between One-One in the pilot and in the full series is that I didn’t notice the character speaking to his other half in the actual series, he’d just use both halves of himself to communicate, given the correct situation he might need to be happy or sad in response.

So, is One-One two completely separate characters? No. He’s one defined character with two unique parts of his personality. Not what I would say are two individual personalities, but rather one personality split in half.

All rights belong to Cartoon Network & Owen Dennis

In other trivia maters, the Sad-One portion of One-One is voiced by the series’ creator Owen Dennis. The Glad-One is voiced by Jeremy Crutchley. Jeremy Originally thought he’d get the role of Sad-One. I guess Owen Dennis had other plans and it worked out nicely. Season one premiered this year in August and ended with * Spoilers* One-One saying there would be more. From the very beginning, fans speculated that this little orb knew much more about what was going on than what was made obvious. And they were mostly right. So, I believe it is a safe bet to say that One-One will be coming back if/and when we get a season 2.

For now, I reccomend that you binge watch the first season and convince all of your friends to do the same. This series was so masterfully done, that I would go as far as to say it is something that everyone should watch at least once in their life.

So.. What did you think of One-One and Infinity Train? Are you planning on seeing the continuation of the series? Are you hoping for a Bluray release just like me? If so, let us know in the comments and on our social media accounts. We’d love to share this series with you and anyone else who has interest in watching it.

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