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I know what you’re thinking? Where are the robots? That’s what I say whenever I’m reading, viewing or consuming any form of media without a robotic presence. But hey, this is all in the same Robo-Culture genre. Let’s talk about Jeff Brewer.

Jeff Brewer has a long history to share. All listed directly on his website. I’m not covering his entire life story, so here I will share just a few key points that are relevant to our core material focus. Originally working in the film industry making models and making his way through sculpting and selling desk sized retro rockets, he’s now running a company called Cool Rockets.

How is this different than purchasing a toy rocket from the 50s or sixties? It isn’t really different. It’s the same joyous and nostalgic feeling you’s get from collecting a toy from the past, except it’s a high quality sculpture made more recently. In years past, rockets were more colorful and strange in appearance. Not the standard realistic kind of NASA rockets we have today. Those fulfill their purpose of visiting space. What ages before could only dream of.

This is what I believe is the very purpose of purchasing these classic rockets. To experience that sense of dreaming. The hope and courage and sense of adventure that can’t be had in an average day. This sense of space exploration is an escape that we sometimes require from reality. Jeff Brewer has accomplished bringing this back to our current day.

While no longer producing desk sized rockets, he is creating small rocket sculptures that can still be ordered through his website. I have yet to actually converse with Jeff, but upon sharing our community with him, he immediately signed up. It seems he’s quite possibly keeping an eye on our content. If that is the case, thank you Jeff for keeping this culture alive with these classic cool rockets. We look forward to everything you continue to produce. And we’ll be there when you create your next project and further on through the stars.

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