Recommended Reading: Atomic Robo

Ever desire to both shoot at giant bugs and study mathematics, which you partially have to invent? This is Atomic Robo.

Created from the minds of both Scott Wegener and Brian Clevinger; Atomic Robo puts the action into Action Science! This comic has to be the most original comic I’ve personally experienced. I found it when searching the web for new comics to read, this just happens to pop up in a random web list and I was hooked from the first book.

Art by Atomic Geek Atomic Robo and Sparking Mike clasping hands in an effort to unite fandoms through time and space

I didn’t expect to have such a thrilling time reading these books, but every panel and every page feels like a film to me. The story comes to life and I feel like it could never lose its exciting pull on my mind, to see what comes next. I could read on and on for hours with such a snarky robot protagonist. And it doesn’t matter what year the comic is based in, because no matter what, I seem to be attached to the nature of Robo’s core character.

Atomic Robo is not a story I would recommend for children, but someone 13 years or older should be able to enjoy it without any issues. I’d say it’s mature but not vulgar in the least. As I said it is a story of quality. While it is a graphic novel, this story is both humorous and engaging, as we follow the life story of Atomic Robo throughout history. Right now through DFTBA you can purchase the first three novels in one collection for 40 dollars. “The Everything Explodes Collection”. It comes pre-signed by the creators of Atomic Robo, Brian and Scott. This is a fantastic start to the collection and a great way to introduce yourself to the story of Atomic Robo.

When reading these comics, we must first understand that the retelling of events in Atomic Robo’s story are a bit non-linear (quite like this blog). Our goal in the story is to see in what order the events were told as the creators of the story designed. The order of events may not be completely in line all of the time, but as we progress from the begining through to current publications, we wind up following a genuine timeline, one that can be found here on Tesladyne’s website.

The Bio of Atomic Robo could be summarized like this: In1923 Tesla built an automatic man with artificial intelligence who through the years of his existence has gravitated towards helping others and doing what’s right, building a name for himself as a scientist and heroic adventurer. Nikola Tesla would be proud of him, no matter how snarky he can be. A Robot that can punch Nazis, fight monsters and Dinosaurs and still maintain a level of repeatability that allows you to care about him and his friends, this is a Robot I enjoy reading about.

Now that I’ve elaborated and shared my fandom in these stories, I’d like to share with you one collection which solidified my interest in Atomic Robo. That will be in my follow up article posting tomorrow.

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