Robby and The Iron Giant are back!

Now only at Wal-Mart, while being found in very few locations; there are posts popping up on Facebook concerning two iconic collectible figurines. Figures being rereleased that are not currently for sale on Which two iconic robots could these be? Non other than Robby from Forbidden planet and The Iron Giant!

While both are Wal-Mart exclusives and are being listed on eBay for over forty dollars, the actual toys (if you’re lucky) can be found and purchased at a Wal-Mart store for just twenty/twenty-seven dollars (respectively). Both figures are advertised as they originally were, with the ability to walk and make sounds as they appeared in their own films.

Trendmasters had originally released both of these figures twenty-one (21) years ago. Now it seems the rights to the toys had been acquired by Goldlok Holdings (as shown on the packaging). Both properties are owned by Warner Bros, so this is clearly a joint effort to cash in on nostalgia… And it works, I want them both.

Most, if not all, of these figures are appearing in only certain states as of today. So far they’ve been discovered in both Minnesota and Texas. But who knows, with these two coming back on store shelves, we could be headed for a robot invasion. Now, would that be so bad?

My thoughts are as follows:

Interesting to say the least. It really surprises me that the market sees a rising demand for these classic collectibles to make a comeback. It makes me wonder what other robot toys could reappear soon. Leave a comment with your thoughts right here so we know you care. Keep clanking on fellow Robo Enthusiast.

Main source, thanks to Michael for sharing and Kevin Zorua Olivares for assisting in this investigation. Keep sharing the love for these classics. We’re here to help spread the word of their existence.

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