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Eric Joyner’s work is something that cannot be described as anything typical. It is like a snapshot of the imagination itself. Not a real place. But not a fake one. As it does exist within one’s imagination. And it is a real as can be without touching much of reality.

San Francisco Artist Eric Joyner has created hundreds of unique paintings by hand, featured in The Big Bang Theory show and published in two of his own original books. If that wasn’t enough, his art is also hanging up in many eating establishments. This year has been an incredible ride so far. Planet Robot Entertainment was founded in July of 2019.

All rights Reserved: Eric Joyner

We started this blog (.space) back just about three months ago. Shortly after, I had my friend request accepted by Eric Joyner on Facebook. Eric not only connected with me, but we converse on a regular basis, I try and stay in touch with every creative mind in robo-culture that I’ve managed to connect with, adding Eric Joyner to a list of connections, in my opinion, is an honor.

Eric even went on to leave a fantasic page review and a couple comments on our blog posts. But his conversations are worth more to me than any of those common things people can do, not saying they meant anything less, but they hardly compare.

Of course I won’t share all of our conversation with the entire world without his consent, but I did share one bit of dialogue, essentially a full review of our content. Some of the greatest motivation he ever gave to me:

“All I know is, people need an escape from the drudgery & misery of everyday life. So, what you’re doing is a good thing.”~Eric Joyner

Eric — who is already an incredible success since his first book: Robots & Donuts was published back in 2008 and we haven’t been around since before July of this year — was telling me this personally. This is the sort of man I hope to be someday. One who despite successes and any form of popularity, still sees the world with a childlike sense of wonder and discovery. With a dream in heart and a motivational excitement that encourages others to pursue their own original creativity.

All rights Reserved: Eric Joyner

His website includes his backstory into this whimsical side of robo-culture. I encourage you to read about his story. But for now, I’d like to take this time to focus on the here and now, whether it be literal or fictitious, both have an impact on our lives in some form or another.

Eric has taken an art form that usually depicts something stationary like a photograph, and has given a sense of life to these robots. As he’s still painting today since he started with these robots back in 2002, I’m positive this will not be the only time you’ll be reading about his work from us. So until then, keep clanking on fellow Robo Enthusiast!

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