Rosie the Riveting Robot

We missed the 56th anniversary by a hair. We published this originally on September 27th.

“You know what would be super cool? If someone created a show featuring a robotic version of Shirley Booth’s character from the 1961 TV series Hazel! — Jetsons did it!” Uhg! My work here is done.

Last year, Funko put out a stylized toy figure of the popular robot maid “Rosie” from The Jetsons cartoon series as part of Funko’s POP! vinyl collectibles. And it looks rivetting!

Rosie is far from my favorite robot character in pop science fiction, but she is a stand-out in Hanna Barbera’s animated pantheon. Some might say she’s the only real hero in The Jetsons.

Rosie was introduced in the very first episode of the show when Jane went down to the U-RENT A MAID store and selected her over the pricier robo-maid models, Agnes and Blanche Carte. And by the end of the episode, Rosie had become part of our favorite Orbit City family, having stood up to Mr. Spacely (securing George a much-needed promotion), making dinner, baking an out-of-this-world pineapple upside down cake and capping the evening off with reading a bedtime story to Elroy about the cow that degravitated over the moon.

The Jetsons premiered on September 23, 1962 and ended its initial run on March 17, 1963 with only 24 episodes, running just one season in ABC-TV’s prime-time Sunday night slot — until it was syndicated for Saturday morning TV in 1963 and shown again and again. (It was rebooted in the 1980s with 51 new episodes and a feature-length movie in 1990.)

Rosie was also the break out star from The Jetsons in a number of 1962 toys, including the Hopping Rosie mechanical windup from Marx and The Rosie the Robot Game With Astro the Space Dog from Transogram’s board games.

I imagine Rosie will be with us well into the future, although if you’re a fan of the original show, you might not like what happens to her in the 2017 DC comic book series.

Note: Rosie the Robot was originally spelled Rosey. Hanna Barbera made the spelling change in 1984.

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