Snoopy on mars

Snoopy is going to mars.

Hey Robot enthusiast. Don’t worry, we’re still a Robot centered blog. Today’s article is going where no man has gone before. The first Beagle of mars.

Set to publish on December 18th this graphic novel is not a reprint. It is an entirely new and original story from the people of the Schulz company. Featuring a story written by: Jason Cooper in partnership with Boom-Studios. Artwork by artists: Hannah White and Robert Pope. While the art keeps the classic Schulz look, it also seems to add a layer of classic space age nostalgia.

Take for example the cover image (shown to the left on a PC browser) This image is clearly inspired by classic comic book covers from the golden age of Science Fiction comics. Space themed adventures of worlds unexplored are often mysterious. The first few pages of this new comic were released and this peaked my curiosity to learn if the comic held up to the previous works of Schulz.

While Peanuts usually takes a very comedic approach, this comic seems to build tension and then cut the tension with a classic comedy bit. Written by Jason Cooper who has written other Peanuts books and comics novels, yet it still has that Schulz quality which sets it apart from other comics.

I suppose it’s because it’s done in the correct way. Adding to what is already there, not taking away from what is there and hurting their fans.

The popularity of Snoopy in Space has been renewed since July of this year with the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, a comic book comeback was only fitting.  Heck, they even made a new Thanksgiving day parade Balloon for Macy’s. According to Macy’s, though this will be a brand new balloon, technically it is Astronaut Snoopy’s 40th flight in their parade. That’s not counting the trip to mars he’ll be enduring on December 18th. I’ll keep you all posted on updates.

What’re your thoughts on Snoopy in Space? Or Snoopy on Mars? While perhaps not the most thrilling tale, it has that classic Snoopy appeal that only Peanuts can bring.

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