The Bend-a-Bots

The Bend-a-Bots are an enigma. Their very existence is strange. The company that made them barely even exists. With no digital trail to trace and no chunk of evidence to this day that can explain what happened to them.

Hi, I’m Blitz-Bot and today we’re looking at the unknown history of the forgotten Bend-a-Bot toys of the 1980s. With so very little to say about these toys, I’m surprised that I’ve discovered so much to say. Originally I had made a #BendabotsHistory article series on our Facebook page.

This post series got me into an investigation, determining what had happened to these Bend-a-Bot toys. These figures are a hard rubber over wire that can bend and keep its form. They bend to be posed and fight with mostly melee weapons. Which is a bit unusual for a robot, but from what I’ve discovered, their toy weaponry selection was a big reason people would buy them. None of these bots had much definition. Or actual joints.

Soon after I found them online, I wanted to have one in my own hands to see what it was like and perhaps I’d get a better understanding of the company. They were produced in the 1980s by MToy/Marty Toys. The only digital trace of their company could be this one that produces electronics in China. Other than that, there was a building in Brooklyn NY according to Facebook, but this is now a law firm.

It doesn’t make any sense, how a company could just up and vanish off the face of the earth. So, my theory is that something went bad. They had to sell out and fast. Otherwise, what became of them? Without the toys lingering around the internet, there would be no trace of them from history. The Bend-a-Bots had weapons, shields, names and individual colors. Though, I soon discovered that perhaps the colors had no purpose, it seems each robot’s colors depended on the rubber color they had in their factory at the time, because sometimes Taka was copper, sometimes he was teal.

I now have three out of four of these laughable little guys and I’m happy to have them in my collection. Not for the sake of just having more robots, but because nobody seemed to care about them. Or where they came from. I cared enough to find them again and try to track their origins back to the company who produced them.

It would be fantastic to see these classics have a modern day comeback. Perhaps someday, with a little help from Planet Robot, this can actually happen.

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