The Iron Man Comedy Commentary

What I’m sharing with you today I debated publishing because of the utter lack of professionalism by myself. However, I do like a good deal of comedy and this was respectfully done with comedic commentary. I just read the story and commented on the strange development of the writing as we progress. For such an amazing film, the book was incredibly strange.

Originally titled: The Iron Man, written by the late Ted Hughes. Eventually being turned into an animated classic that my appreciation for is great. Slowly my computer uploaded this file. I hope you get a kick out of it and just listen when you’re bored or need something to help you wind down and relax. Perhaps you’d like to step into this twisted story with me. Well the book is available on Amazon and I did read the actual paperback. Twice in one day. Pay attention to how many times the word “slowly” is used to describe an action. or how many times words are generally repeated. This could be a game and a tool to help teach writers. It also goes to show that great stories don’t always start out great.

We do not claim the rights to this story, this is simply a read through. Sharing for fun purposes and nothing more.

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