The Shadow From Beyond Time – Atomic Robo

Why do I love this comic volume so much? Why is this my favorite so far? This is why I created an entirely separate article from my last. Let’s talk about Time Travel.. Okay, we all know that the use of time travel in entertainment has been horribly over done. Ever since the magnificent three part epic Back to The Future, all time travel films and stories have lacked a certain originality to them.

Image unrelated – Shown to display the common attitude of Robo (Tesladyne ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

The Shadow from Beyond time never once uses time travel in its story arc, yet still involves time travel in a way.

It gives us a feeling of time travel, the ability to jump between points in Atomic Robo’s life that are all involved in this one specific story.

This becomes not just a time travel story, but one that defies all other time travel stories at the same time.

Let’s quickly break down the story with no spoilers.. This is going to be tough.

There was a great creature that existed outside of time and space with one goal: Consume the earth. From its point of view it might as well have already done this very thing, but it was stopped by a an weapon made by Nikola Tesla.

Two of Tesla’s cohorts return to him (H.P. Lovecraft and Charles Fort), only to find that he isn’t home and Robo must help them before the creature, thought destroyed, continues on its quest to devour the planet and every living thing through time and the universe.

Though, a creature existing outside of time can only be defeated at a conjunction, a point where multiple points in history can meet. This is a crucial part of the story. But it’s something to experience for yourself.

Image is unrelated to the article. ( All rights owned by: Tesladyne)

This story takes place from the 1900’s to the early 2000s without even once using a time machine. Or even a portal. All it uses is one snarky (sometimes called cantankerous) robot with a good heart. I recommend you pick up a copy of either “The Everything Explodes Collection” Or at least “The Shadow from Beyond Time” Both excellent reads that’ll keep your interest piqued from the start — all the way through till the end. And then some.

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