In celebration of the new Star Wars movie, Rise of Skywalker, I had previously written about the not-so-famous droids we’ve seen in the movies. Not the droids that everybody knows, but the droids that you didn’t even know had a backstory and a name. In my last article, I wrote about the GNK Power Droid, which it turns out, is actually a walking battery whose only sound it makes is “gonk.”

Today, I’d like to talk about another little known droid that although graced the silver screen for just a few seconds, still managed to make an impression on millions of Star Wars fans around the world. Today I’m talking about the MSE Series Repair Droids.

MSE-6-Series Repair Droid

You may recall seeing this guy making beeping noises as it skidded up and down the halls of the Death Star. Or you’ve seen it making its rounds on any battle station, be it Empire or Rebel Alliance. Nobody would ever acknowledge it, speak to it, and we’d have no idea of what its function was. It was just always in the background, and we’d just accept it as reality of just another strange droid in the Star Wars universe.

Well, apparently it’s not just another strange droid and, in fact, is very common. Commonly referred to by its nickname, the “mouse droid,” the MSE Series Repair Droid is a 10 inch box shaped droid that is self-sufficient and makes general repairs to whatever station, ship, or base it is on. Equipped with four small wheels, the MSE Repair Droid can scurry along on any floor so that it can maneuver around easily.

According to, the most common MSE Series Repair Droid was MSE-6-Series Repair Droid, which would most often be seen on Star Destroyers and on both Death Stars.

These droid units would often only be specialized and designed to perform one single function. They were not jack-of-all trade droids that could do everything. Accordingly, some units were only geared toward cleanup, some toward delivering parts, some toward repair duties and general maintenance. Some were more specialized and could serve as security and as spies as well. If the droids were pooled together, they could then perform more complex tasks, such as acting as scouts and guiding troops to destinations.

At first, these droids were marketed to the public for consumers, but its owners were annoyed by the beeping sound it would make and it always scurrying around like a mouse. Sales to consumers declined, and eventually, the Empire incorporated them almost exclusively into its war machine and relied on them heavily.

I bet you didn’t know that! Now you have some more Star Wars droid trivia next time you go out to the bars on Trivia Night

This is Part II of “These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For.” More droids to follow. Do you have a favorite Star Wards droid? What’s your story?

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