Uncovering “Robot” The World’s first Robot Toy Book

I found a shocking notification through Facebook this morning.. The writer of the book “Robot” contacted us, correcting our article in many areas. I decided to message him to clarify that it wasn’t my intent to publish false information. Despite seeming a tad bothered that I requested proof that he was the original author, his statements all seem to point to the fact that he is undoubtedly the real  author, unlike what so many various websites claim.

Pierre with his book as of today 02-06-2020

With this newfound information, I believe we’ve uncovered a very strange mix-up in this adventure through Scifi Pop-Culture.

There is more than one Pierre Boogaerts in the world. Two of which have a separate history that the world-wide-web has criss-crossed together, and confused many of us, myself included.

I suppose anyone could have eventually found this information, but we were fortunate enough to get the truth before anyone else. So without further a-do, here is the correct information:

Pierre Boogaerts’ “ROBOT” Book is a rare and collectible item. The book right now can be found on eBay, starting at just over fifty dollars. However, it can be hard to find this book and clearly it is worth more than this listing shows. It just has to go to the right buyer…

Amazon lists Pierre as a top collector of Robot toys. Going so far as to say the following statement:

“296 photos, mostly all in color. A must-have for any serious toy Robot collector” ~Amazon

Amazon goes on to elaborate, saying that Pierre was the first to catalogue his collection all in one book. This effort is underappreciated for sure, still the value of this book hasn’t gone down. While most places do sell this for around fifty dollars, it can be found much more pricey if signed or sealed. At Hakes auctions online, it has sold for over three hundred dollars!

This isn’t just the most expensive robot book in the world, according to Main street  toys, this was the very first book ever published on toy robots. Published with Futuropolis Publishing in 1978. Pierre himself reached out to us after we first published this article and confirmed that it was the first of its kind.

“I sold many signed copies at the time at toys shows in the U S for $ 100 a piece”~Pierre

“Well, then I guess I should be asking, why was your price so high for a collection of photographs to begin with?”~Blitz-Bot

“Rarity .. Historically it was the first one . References for deals between collectors … Personally I don t think $50 is SO High.”~Pierre

Of course, I don’t know for sure or not if Pierre knew we were saying that occasionally  it can be found much pricier than this. Regardless, we continued our conversation a bit further. He told me that at the time of creating this book, there were only about thirty other toy robot collectors in the world that he knew of.

Many websites with false information have listed Mr. Pierre Boogaerts as a pro photogragher that moved away to Canada, who was originally Belgium.. However, Pierre confirmed this was indeed not him and actually another person.

“I shot the photos myself (that’s why quality is .. so-so ) but, I was not a pro photographer .. I made the book by passion. Not for the money . Printed there were 13, 000 copies in French and 2,000 in German.”~Pierre

It’s  surprising that so many web links have listed this information inaccurately. Whatever the reason may be.. The value is not in the status of the person who created it, but in the passion that they had to make it in the first place. It was and is an extensive collection showcase, to show off classic craftsmanship and the whimsical view of robots that these toy artists had.

“It really does not matter to me if people think I am Belgium or Peruvian. Yes i am the author of the book, and I have not been involved in Robots in 40 years.”~Pierre

In a way, Pierre was a fantastic photographer; he told a story and he shared it. Now his book is a sought after piece of  (Robo) pop culture history.

Mr. Pierre Boogaerts has retired and is currently living in the Dominica Republic . His story (while being told differently in different places), is living on through his work.

Now you know the truth, and you found it here first on Planet Robot .Space .

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