Unreal Transformers Part 1

Transformers have been around since 1984; however, what other knock offs came with this popular brand?

Hi, It’s Blitz here, diving into some strange Robo Culture you might not have seen before. After I first discovered Robo The Fan while looking up robot related furniture, I became interested in seeing just how many robot related inanimate objects there were. Of course these inanimate objects have made a bit of a comeback with the Transformers line BotBots. Still, these 80s classics intrigued me.

There’s no exact amount of unique robot furniture or items out there on the internet, but a quick search on eBay could put you on a treasure hunt that lasts a few days or more. As I began this article I did one web search. Expecting to come back with a few results.

I found a Robot Clock on eBay which can transform from a ball into a robot with a clock on its chest.

This lead to an in depth study, shifting my tiny article into a full blown investigation on one robot toy that is also a clock. Sometimes my obsessive compulsive nature amazes even me.

TicToc The Alarm Clock bot from the company Impulse, this was a GoBots Toy. Gobots had released one year prior (as figures) to Transformers. This isn’t entirely related to the ball clock, but is in fact a clock toy created by Impulse for GoBots.

And through a twitter search result I found an image for the packaging that was originally intended for this robot ball clock.

I can only assume a deal went bad or they intended to keep making money with this ball clock design even after the GoBots bombed in 1987. The Ball was updated since this packaging with a more chrome look and a new name: PlayTime. Yeah… Creative.

The company to release this version of the toy was Nelsonic. The GoBots version appearing much more colorful, yet in features lacking in comparison. Though the ball isn’t as poseable, it has another form to TRANSFORM into. And TicToc is basically just a folding surface with a clock that has a face.

The one thing I think the GoBot’s Roll-Bot had going for it is its take on classic packaging, bringing back the nostalgia of robotic toys in years gone by. The artwork screams “Vintage Robot” Even though the robot would’ve been produced in the time of the 80s.

Now, here’s why I believe the product “Playtime” is the result of a deal gone bad or some sort of sale to buy out the design by Nelsonic. There’s no proof I can locate online that this original (and poorly named) “Roll-Bot” Has ever been produced. Please, if you do find proof of this original toys existence, email me at contactplanetrobot@Gmail.com with the subject: Proof of Roll-Bot. I’m honestly wondering if these have ever been made before the Playtime bot. Either way, I’m going to be twenty five dollars in the hole this week, because I baught a Playtime bot to check out for myself. It’s coming with original packaging so I might have more information to provide for a followup.

Until next time, keep Clanking on fellow Robo Enthusiasts.

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