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You may have noticed that we stopped publishing Club S.O.T.A. back in the month of October, this is because we do not have the necessary funds to continue with the series at absolutely no profits, though this was never about the money.

In order to keep publishing Club S.O.T.A. We need to at least cover what it costs to pay our artist. Which isn't very much, but all this comes out of pocket so if this isn't making the money we need to keep going then we have to stop production temporarily until we can.

We've kept fairly active on social media thanks to our social media manager Mike Sue, and he's been great with our transition to focusing on Comic Books rather than only classic toy robots.

This is the final transition our company plans to make in the coming years as we begin to publish our own original comic books. This is the primary reason why we've been so quiet, I cannot release any big news just yet, but everyone who visits the site should know that we're working to produce our first/flagship comic series. Our goal is to publish this book ourselves come July 2021.

With all of this in mind, please understand and be patient with our company. It's been a long year and we appreciate any and all support you can provide us with. Please consider making a purchase or two from our store.

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