What is Boston Dynamics

Okay, in less than twenty minutes it’ll be a new day, so. Posting quickly to keep my word. Every day there is a new article on Planet Robot . Space  … Quality content?? Pssshaaaw, who needs that!? Not you. Stick around for less sarcasm and more of the Robots. Specifically.. Boston Dynamics.

Recommended topic by my friend and artist of our new series CLUB S.O.T.A.

This is basically just like Astro Boy.. Okay, no it’s not, but there was a small connection I made. At least to the 2005 Astro Boy show with their character named: Atlas. Atlas was a robot that rebelled against humanity (at first) because he was treated so poorly. Like a creature that couldn’t experience emotion or feelings.

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Now, the real Boston Dynamics as an actual robotics company that’s producing actual working robots and has been doing so since 1999. Their most recent humanoid build is called Atlas. As far as rebelling against humanity goes, there is a YouTube channel called Corridor that was releasing parody material on Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot, calling their business Bosstown Dynamics.

In a very blatant fashion they push this robot to its limits and then it fights back. Sure, I’m not that into the material. When I first saw this I questioned its realism, and if the company actually existed or not. It wasn’t until a few days ago in research that I found out personally that these two companies (real and fictional) were entirely unrelated other than in content focus.

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