Why The Jetsons are due for a comeback

Meet George Jetson, His boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane his wife, Their Robo Maid Rosie and Their dog Astro.

This has been a trilogy of posts so far. Two of which have focused on the Robot named Rosie. 1, the true originaland the 2nd was almost wrong… Now I’m discussing why it’s time to bring the Jetsons back for some more futuristic family comedy.

This series was truly a classic. Envisioning a possible 21st century and getting it completely wrong, but that isn’t a poor thing. Because their little fantasy land lives on in pop culture nostalgia and sometimes that’s all we need to relax and have a good time. Forgetting what troubles us and realizing that there’s always hope for our tomorrow, just as the Jetsons envisioned a different tomorrow.

Now, let’s talk about Scooby Doo.. By now, literally everyone in the world has probably heard of the new “Scoob!” movie. This trailer has given me some mixed reactions. Mostly from the Gang’s casting. But I will be seeing this movie. And probably buying it later on. This is for sure. The film is planned for release this next year in May. Rightfully so, because this year is Scooby’s 50th anniversary. Wait… in July it was Apollo 11’s 50th as well. There’s been a lot of 50th anniversary things going on that studios and brands are taking advantage of, because it makes the icon popular once again.

So… When was the Jetsons made? Ironically we share a birthday, but it aired in 1962 So, it’s much older, but still a neat fact to discover. The exact date was September 23rd, 1962. It has been exactly 56 years since the release of this show and all we have to honor this classic show’s history is a WWE mix up that I didn’t bother to see, for obvious reasons.

Is this reason enough to bring the Jetsons back for a modern animated film adaptation? I’d say that this current generation is in need of classic animated characters return from their long wait in the void. See, today not many children know what the Jetsons is.

The Jetsons have come and gone, their existence is only remembered by those who have had experienced the series in their childhood. I am coming at this being open to the fact that this may never happen. My desire to make something come back is often outweighed by the fact that somethings will not come back due to the lack of big money.

Here is one great reason to bring the Jetsons into this current day. And it should be the most obvious one. Because, we’re already in the future. We have reached the time in which all of the original series would have taken place. This is a futuristic and comedic poking fun at humanity and the dynamic of the modern family. There’s much to laugh about. Revisiting the series with absolutely no prior fascination in it, I found myself laughing at every turn the episodes took. Even when the jokes were obvious, it was still entertaining.

There’s so much more going on in the world, that even the things in this “Possible Future” That never happened during this time, are very funny. And some comparable things would be quite humorous in a story told today.

One thing that could be improved, the timing of jokes and the way they are told. Though some could argue that would affect the nostalgia of the show, I disagree. See, with time, comedic line delivery has improved (unless you’re an actor on the Disney channel or Nick, then it got worse), and this could be applied to the Jetsons without ruining the nostalgia. I feel like it could only improve the quality of the nostalgic moments. Perhaps a few poor deliveries could be inserted for fan-service. But I still think this area would be greatly improved in a modern retelling of the series in an animated film.

And that’s the point of this article entirely; the series has just as much potential to become an animated film as Scooby did, its just that Scooby has lasted the test of time longer than any other classic cartoon property from the WB/ Hanna-Barbera. It’s a darn shame that some characters get left behind over the years. But hey, have you heard they’re bringing a ton of classics back from the past in this show called JellyStone? Yeah, so maybe there’s hope after all. Maybe the Jetsons can come back to our world in the very near future. Hopefully by then, we here at Planet Robot can lend a hand in making that happen.

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