XJ9’s first prototype Pop!

Now, this is far from being official. But I got an exclusive interview with Luis (AKA: spikes00 on Instagram), the creator of what I believe is the first prototype pop figure of Jenny from MLaaTR (My Life as a Teenage Robot)..

Luis, fans of My Life as a Teenage Robot have been requesting pop figures for the show since the existence of pop figures themselves, you not only have a design for these pop figures, but now a 3d model or Jenny and a real life prototype. Could you provide some back story for when all of this happened?

Well it all started back in early 2018 when I drew this idea of what a Mlaatr (or more special, Jenny, Brad and Tuck) would have looked like as Funko Pops. So I made the concept, but that was about it. Until, two weeks ago I decided I wanted to take the “concept art” and do something bout it, and then I created the 3D model of the Jenny Funko Pop.

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If Funko Pop aint gonna make an Xj9 funko pop, then I’ll make one myself 😤 – (Made with Blender 2.8) • • #mlaatr#mylifeasateenagerobot#xj9#jennywakeman#blender #blender3d @nickelodeon #bringbackmlaatr#plz and @originalfunko please make this happen

A post shared by Lu(p)is (@spikes00) on Nov 24, 2019 at 9:45am PST

We here at Planet Robot have also worked with the likes of Atomic Geek to design original pop figures. Our goal someday is to crowdfund and release these figures as fan-made collectibles. But you got a step further, correct? You created a 3d printed model?

Yes, I borrowed the school’s 3D printer to print out a small “prototype” of the model (I might be able to print a bigger version early next year).

 That is incredibly exciting. We’ve never gotten this close to a pop figure collectible in any comparable way. If only Funko and Nickelodeon would hear us and realize there is a demand for not only the show’s return, but also original merchandise. Why do you suppose they haven’t released these figures officially?

I can’t really come up with any good reason why they wouldn’t make merchandise of the show, but maybe it was because of the ratings, and the fact that nick treated the show poorly? I’m not sure.

That poor treatment has continued on from the original airing to today. The fans are still petitioning to #BringBackMLaaTR and there have been many concepts of possible pop figures sent in to Funko. The only exception we have to the possibility of a genuine Pop Figure is your own prototype Jenny Pop. Are you planning on attempting to create all of the designs as prototypes now?

I do want to at least try and make the rest of the main side characters, but I don’t know when I’ll do it (my motivation is kinda low lately, so it’s difficult to do anything). Tho I hope I’ll be able to make them soon!

We hope the same, it would be a first for the Fandom of Teenage Robot. Though other fandoms have created homemade pops, this fandom (as far as I know) has yet to receive a pop figure of any form. And with the desire for these figures so high, it’s hard to believe Funko and Nick aren’t listening to us. Perhaps with this prototype release, there’s a chance we could get official pops in the near future.

I totally agree

Are you planning on pitching these prototypes to Nick or Funko yourself?

Oh no, I haven’t planned on that…

Well, perhaps with the right support, this project could become something more. Not only was the 3D model spectacular, but the 3D printed version is authentic. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see these figures all together in custom boxes someday?

Thank you! Why yes I do think that would be really exciting. I’ve actually only been in the fandom for 3 years, but ever since I began watching the show I’ve been interested in Mlaatr merchandise, or more specifically, Mlaatr Funko Pops.

My interest got to the point that I quite often had dreams where I found quite a lot of mlaatr merchandise in different stores, but then waking up in disappointment realizing it was only a dream. So yeah it would be absolutely amazing seeing these characters come to life in the form of physical statues.

Thank you. We hope the best for you in the near future. As we all know, the future has arrived and it is a present. We’ll be keeping an eye on your progress. Who knows, it may not be much longer and we’ll get to see the real deal actually happen.

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